President Obama struggles have caught the attention of SNL, and now CBS...His approval is now under 50% for the first time in at least 3 major polls.. He's losing independents and now hes going to lose all the 911 families and their supporters. They are massing in an effort to convince him to reverse his decision to have the trial for 5 AQ guys downtown.

Its a bad decision AND i JUST DONT KNOW HOW THIS MOVE HELPS HIM MORALLY or poltically ..Do you...?

Health Care will pass says Senator/Doctor Bill Frist but I for one believe that Senator Joe Lieberman will vote no...and we now know Hary will need 60..Amazed dems want Americans to pay directly for the war via a war tax, but they will waste our money ie: 300 million to Louisiana and787 Billion for Stimulus a prorgam that has been a complete failure.

Fun short week..agree?