The trials of those who masterminded 9/11 in federal district court in NYC should have occurred here years ago. If the Bush administration had done that in 2004, when it captured these people, they'd have been tried, convicted, and executed by now. The law is clear: If you are accused of violating American law, you are to be tried in the judicial district in which the crime occurred. This is not political correctness or policy of the present Department of Justice (DoJ), it is required by the Constitution. Mayor Giuliani never complained when Tim McVeigh was tried in federal court in Denver. In the Zacharias Moussaoui case, the one the government assured us was the 20th 9/11 hijacker, Mayor Giuliani not only lauded the prosecution in federal district court in Alexandria, VA, he testified for the government at the trial. As well, DoJ prosecutors have never lost a terrorism case in a federal district court in modern times. The same cannot be said of military prosecutors at Gitmo. They tried two cases to near-completion. One was a guilty verdict, and then the court set the defendant free in Yemen because the evidence was weak and he had already served enough time in American jails . The other ended with a plea to a lower level crime, and the defendant--though labeled a murderer by the government--was set free in Australia.