Liberals love to rename things to make themselves and other feel better and to raise self esteem.

So you aren't fat, you have bad genes or are horizontally challenged.

You aren't handicapped, you are handicapable. Whatever that means. If you aren't handicapped, don't ask for assitance or special parking spaces.

You aren't paying taxes. You are just being patriotic. And they are just FEES anyway, right?

Once of the silliest and most dangerous politically correct alterations to reality came when the Obama Administration decided that the "War On Terror" had George Bush written all over it and it was time to tame the tiger.

So they renamed it the "Overseas Contingency Operation"--again, whatever THAT means.

Contrary to all the Kook-Aid drinkers, and there are millions, there IS a War On Terror. And it is STILL being waged.

Sometimes on our OWN SOIL.

Everyone was scared to death to say anything politically incorrect when the Fort Hood shooting took place last week. But my gut told me when the shooter had an Islamic name, it was no coincidence.

And now we know this guy was chatting with terrorists. He was a radical. He didn't want Muslims fighting Muslims. (Imagine how World War II would have ended up if Christians decided they couldn't bomb churches in Europe.)

And radical Imams around the world are praising his killing spree. A radical Muslim cabbie in New York is shooting his mouth off as to what a hero the shooter is for what he did and how his victims are rotting in hell. In most countries he would be put in a hole for saying such hateful things. But here we have the First Amendment. And that unfortunately protects filthy speech like that more than it protects prayer in school.

The Obama Administration doesn't seem to get it. They can preach peace all they want. The radicals out there want to annihilate us.

Many of them live within our own borders.

Some of those even, apparently, wear the uniform of their country.

Wake up. Suck it in. Be real.

We are fighting a War On Terror. It still goes on.

It's time to call it what it is and face it head on and seek victory.