Remember when Bill Clinton with a straight face actually tried to tell us it all depended on the definition of the word "is"?

Yep. Those were the days, huh?

I remember blogging WEEKS ago about Afghanistan and the lack of any firm and clear policy there. President Obama had General McChrystal BEGGING for more troops. Secretary of Defense Gates told him a while back that it was time for the Administration to get off its hands and DO SOMETHING.

Still nothing.

And yesterday the White House confirmed that the decision is STILL weeks ahead?? Ummm. Sorry, but HOW MANY weeks??

I want every liberal who HAMMERED Bush for standing around "too long" in that classroom when he was whispered about the tragic news of September 11, 2001 to APOLOGIZE.

What did they WANT him to do?? Run for the nearest phone booth and put his Superman tights on?? What would RUNNING out of that classroom have accomplished but PANIC everyone??

But the same liberals are totally patient while our boys continue to die in Afghanistan.

After all, it IS Bush's fault, right?