It's always hard to believe when you witness your kids--and yourself, too--getting older before your very eyes.

Our precious baby girl, Gingy, turns 2 today.

I remember the ultrasound that showed we were having a sweet baby girl, although she never cooperated by posing for the cameras.

I remember like it was just yesterday when I was on pins and needles wondering if the call would come during a show that it was time to run to the hospital.

I also remember when our oldest daughter was that age...and when she was so tiny and helpless as a baby.

Two years have gone by? Wow.

My mother was alive then and I thank God she was around to welcome her newest grandchild. She and Gingy were like two peas in a pod. I still get blue around the time of the kids' birthdays because I wish she were here to hug and kiss the kids and to sing Happy Birthday with the rest of us.

But my latest studies into the world beyond this one reassures me and has me convinced beyond ANY doubt that she is, indeed, still with us and will be singing in spirit with all of us.

Gingy was so tiny. Now I can barely carry her to the car without breaking my back. Her hair is still short, but full and beautiful.

She looks like her lovely mother, even though many people insist she is a mini-Spencer.

Thanks to my boss for the day off. Thanks to Mary Walter for filling in for me today. And thanks, Gingy, for all the smiles, love, and stubborn ways that we wouldn't trade for all the gold in the world.

You are truly a miracle baby. I REALLY figured that out when you started smiling at a MONTH OLD. I didn't believe my wife and the kids, since she always stopped of course, the moment I went to verify.

But yes, wouldn't you know it. She was SMILING. Not gas, not grimacing. SHE WAS SMILING at us. Even the doctors were shocked. It was rare, but not unheard of, for kids to start that young.

And she has never stopped.

Keep smiling always, baby girl. You will always be Daddy's Gingerbread Cookie.

I love you with all my heart. Mommy does, too. Abuelo and all of your siblings. Nana and Pop and the whole gang.

And that guardian angel you feel watching over you?

That is your Abuela smiling down upon your every move.

Happy Birthday, sweet Gingy.