A recent trip to the Halloween Superstore in our area proved overwhelming.

I couldn't believe how much stuff they had! Some of it was pretty creative. Some of it pretty disgusting and downright distasteful.

But you couldn't accuse them of missing ANYTHING.

We were pleased when the kids all chose traditional Halloween fare as opposed to a lot of the trendier options out there that most kids pick based on the tastes of the moment.

In order from youngest to oldest, we have Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (Gingy loves the dress mommy made her and the ruby shoes), a brave knight, an old school vampire, ,a classic Boris Karloff style mummy,  Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas, and a 13-year-old (well, he is choosing not to dress up this year).

Mom and I are dressing up, too.

My beautiful wife is going as a vintage witch (the pretty kind as opposed to the Margaret Hamilton variety).

I am going as Jason Hawes.

HUH?? Who? What?

Yes, Jason Hawes. The lead investigator and founder of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS). Anyone who is a fan of GHOST HUNTERS on the SyFy Channel knows who I am talking about.

I even grew a goatee like Jason. HAHA. It's starting to grow on me. Get it?? GROW ON...never mind.

So I ordered a TAPS t-shirt like the ones they wear on the show, armed with a KII EMF detector in one hand and a flashlight in the other. Since I am a ghost hunter as well as a big mouth on the radio, I thought the costume idea would be fun and different. Hopefully there will be plenty of ghosts to hunt on Halloween.

Hope everyone has fun plans of one sort or another for this Halloween. Stay safe.

Have fun and enjoy it!