It’s time to keep closer tabs on our children. Period.

We have no other option as parents and as a society.

We have seen the deaths of at least two children in the same week recently, both abducted while walking very short distances to their homes.

This day and age is not the time of old. That quarter mile walk from a friend’s house is not as safe as it used to be and as it SHOULD be.

I am hell bent against swine flu vaccines for my children. But would I go as far as monitoring them 24/7 when needed?


I read an article today about Best Buy selling a tracking/gps device that parents can attach to a child’s backpack or lunch box, among other places. It allows a parent to set parameters as to where the child should be and at what times and the parent is alerted when the child deviates from their defined itinerary.

The article said that some “techies” are angry at the technology.

Really?? ANGRY?? I bet NONE of those nerds has any children.

ANGRY?? You know what makes ME angry?? Reading about sweet, innocent children being abducted, killed, and shoved into a shallow grave or landfill.

THAT makes me ANGRY.

I will go as far as finally coming out in favor of a microchip for our children. It would have to be something that could be removed at age 18. No one is talking about infringing on a child’s privacy. But honestly, most of the rights kids THINK they have aren’t real rights at all. I don’t think this would be a violation of their civil rights, either.

Hey, we chip our silly pets. Why wouldn’t we do that to our CHILDREN?? Sometimes I think our society respects dogs and cats more than it respects children.

If your car gets stolen, you’d love to have a tracking device attached to it in order to get it back, yes? Hell, we install those crazy and annoying alarms so that…gasp…no one steals your precious CAR.

But…not for your KIDS?? If these missing children’s parents got an alert the MOMENT they strayed off course…think of how many could be saved??

Think young Jaycee who spent EIGHTEEN YEARS in the custody of a MONSTER would have liked to have been found sooner?? Imagine know IMMEDIATELY when your child has vanished! Not 2 hours later…not 12 hours later. KNOWING IMMEDIATELY.

It’s time to keep closer tabs on our children.

Too bad if that makes the techies and the nerds angry.