Why don't I just come out and say it. It's controversial for some reason, but it's the truth so I am going to say it.

We are not all equal.

There. It's all down hill here from that, right?

Some of us are taller than others. Some have more money than we do. Some are smarter. Some are more traveled. Some can decipher mathematical formulas that most of us can't.

I believe we are all equal in the eyes of God, to a great extent (although I hope God can differentiate the serial killer from the Saint). And we are supposed to be equal in the eyes of blind justice. But from our pocketbooks to our literacy, we are clearly not all equal.

And before anyone huffs and puffs about that reality, why do those same gaspers constantly point out to the gap between, say, rich and poor?

Even they can accept this fact of the universe. There is inequality everywhere in the cosmos.

Having said that, I believe that the same applies to cultures.

I remember some dimwit at U.C. Berkeley trying to tell me that all cultures are equal.

I was shocked. Really? The culture that canes people for committing adultery (if you are the woman, anyway) is equal to a culture that has due process of law and trial by jury? REALLY?!?!

The culture that has supermarkets on every corner is the same as a culture that eats, say, human flesh? Hmmmm. Interesting.

The cultures that bring you Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights are equal to the cultures that cut your hand off for stealing and kill you if you convert to another religion? I never knew that.

Well, an outspoken Dutch lawmaker, Geert Wilders, has dared to speak out against what he sees as radical Islam changing the very fabric of Dutch culture.

We have friends in Sweden and Denmark and they can attest to this, too. Radical Islam IS changing the fabric of these Western cultures. And the locals are NOT happy about it. They don't want Sharia law. They want Democracy.

But the cultural and moral relativists jeered Wilders when he spoke at Temple University in Philadelphia. Especially after he stated his belief that "our Western culture is far better than the Islamic culture and we should defend it."

Deep down, most of us in the West feel this to be true. Indeed we KNOW it to be true.

Who amongst us would trade your voting rights in the West for voting rights in, say, Iran?

What woman reading this would rather live in Syria than in America or England?

Any gays or lesbians reading this? Would you have many--if ANY--rights in the Middle East? Do they have gay pride in Iran? Doubtful.

If you are caught cheating on your husband, you would much rather be found out in New York City than in Cairo.

Would you prefer religious freedom in the West or in the Middle East?

Not to mention medical, scientific, and cultural advancements?

A republic is not equal to a dictatorship. SORRY. But the two are NOT equal.

If Western culture and Islam ARE equal, why aren't you TORN between the two?

Think about that before jeering Geert Wilders off of the next stage he speaks upon.