What the heck is going on here? Dozens and dozens of dead American soldiers since the commanding General in Afghanistan called on Obama for more troops.

It will take time, the President told us.

And apparently more time...and more...

Remember how Bush got HAMMERED for sticking around that classroom a bit too long (in the opinion of critics anyway) when informed about 9-11-2001?

Where is the pressure in the case of Afghanistan?

Well, certainly not from Obama supporters. No pressure about double digit unemployment in many communities. No pressure about foreclosures. No pressure about Iran. And certainly no pressure about the War in Afghanistan.

But the pressure IS coming from General Stanley McChrystal, who stated back in September that if adequate forces are not sent to Afghanistan, the entire 8 year endeavor would likely result in FAILURE!!

Maybe the Administration already believes that is a foregone conclusion. Remember Congressman Jack Murtha's now famous critique of the wars being "unwinnable"? Do they ASSUME we will fail anyway? Whether we send in more troops or not?

As if the pressure were not enough coming from the General on the ground in Afghanistan, now Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is losing patience with the President.

Gates said yesterday that Obama cannot wait for the Afghan elections to be resolved before deciding on sending more troops.

He told reporters that the Administration cannot "sit on our hands."


That is pretty clear. Pretty pointed. Pretty urgent.

So WILL the Administration do the unthinkable and actually DO something?? ANYTHING?? Even a decision to NOT send more troops?? Hello??  Anyone??

But hey, at least the Administration made their plan about not prosecuting medical marijuana users in states like California. That probably sent his popularity numbers soaring in the Golden State.

I only wish the President was as decisive about a war as he is about pot.