I have always been fascinated by the paranormal and all things unexplained.

But my fascination with ghosts took a much more personal tone in the last couple of years. Some of you may even remember a blog I wrote chronicling my first sighting of a ghost. Let’s say that my experiences with the ghostly and paranormal have gotten a lot more up close and personal in the last year or so.

If that first sighting was the equivalent of seeing lights in the sky, I have since boarded the mothership more than a couple of times already.

I recently teamed up with a local ghost hunting group in my area and am excited to be involved in my first official investigation of a private home.

Without revealing too many details, the case involves windows being busted out from the inside of the house when no one is home. And members of the household all report seeing people in mirrors who aren’t there when you turn around to look. There is also a mysterious past to the house which I will not disclose in order to protect the privacy of those involved.

I know to the skeptics, this all sounds like science fiction and horror film material. And although I can’t obviously conclude anything from this case since it hasn’t even happened yet, I can assure you that this stuff is real.

How do I know? Because I have witnessed it with my own eyes and ears. My wife has even physically FELT it. My family members have as well. My inlaws have lived in a home shared by spirits for nearly 40 years now.

Not to mention that every culture on earth, throughout the history of the ages, has reported and documented their own run ins with the supernatural.

To many it seems impossible, but I promise you this stuff is real.

Not all of it. But some of it. Maybe even most of it.

I think the movie THE OTHERS with Nicole Kidman is a good working model as to how we share our daily world with the spirits that still linger. I won’t spoil that movie for you, but you owe it to yourself to see it even if you are only a LITTLE interested in the world of ghosts.

Since this upcoming case involves a private home, I may not be at liberty to share as many details as I would like. But I look forward to sharing with you as much as I can next Monday.

The main thing to remember is the true reason why I and others do what we do. It is not about ghostbusting or getting slimed like in the movies. It is about helping REAL PEOPLE with a real situation that is puzzling them at the very least, and disturbing them at the very worst. It is all about helping people try to find the answers. It’s about providing explanations as best as they will come, and closure if possible.

This is what real life ghost hunting is really about. While it is easy to be distracted by the ghostly side of things, one must never forget the human side of it. That is ultimately the entire focus.