I have always said that calling a compliment sexual harassment belittles true sexual harassment like groping, threatening someone's job, making inappropriate comments, etc.

Same with the endless cries of "racism"!! Calling legitimate, all American dissent "racism" merely because the subject of the dissent is America's first black President is ludicrous. And damaging to the REAL racism that goes on still in this country.

It is my opinion that true racism can come in the form of a justice of the peace refusing to marry a couple because they are of different races.

This sadly still can happen in America, even in the 21st Century.

Keith Bardwell refuses to marry interracial couples in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.

You have to love his quote to the Associate Press: "I am not a racist. I just don't believe in mixing the races that way."


He claims that in his experience, interracial marriages do not tend to last.

Hmmmm. You mean, like HALF of marriages out there??

My first marriage lasted just a hair over 10 years. And we were both Hispanic with a little Danish in us. Maybe it was the Danish that screwed everything up!

I doubt it.

I think marriages fail because people marry the wrong people sometimes. Things fall apart. Stuff happens. I think money and religion and politics and other factors play a much bigger part than skin color.

Bardwell's main argument seems to be that he thinks life is too hard for the children of mixed marriages and he doesn't want to put anyone through that.

Maybe we should be arrested for child abuse then, because our children are the product of Mexican, Danish, Scottish, German, Nicaraguan, English, Dutch, and Cherokee bloodlines.

That's how I have a son who is blonde haired and fair skinned. Another has red hair, blue eyes, and freckles. Another had dark hair that is almost black. And anyone who has seen picture of Baby Gingy knows she got her nickname because we all agreed she looked like a Gingerbread Cookie, especially before her hair grew in.

People ask me ALL the time when I am out and about without my wife if her mother is black. It's funny that people even notice stuff like that. Gingy got the darker complexion from her Cherokee and Mexican ancestors.

A mixed baby if there ever was one. Me too.

And it's interesting to me that no one would consider my own relationship a "mixed marriage" even though it IS one. I think it's especially racist when people assume an interracial marriage can only be between blacks and whites. You can have a European next to an Hispanic and not be able to tell which is which. Does that make the marriage not mixed??

Our President himself is the product of a mixed marriage. Should HIS parents not have been allowed to marry?

Come on, everyone. It's time to get a grip.

There are bigger fish to fry than this.

By the way, just to leave you with a smile...

When people ask if Gingy's mother is black, I say no. She is Gingerbread.

The look on their face, especially when they say "Oh neat! Hey...WAIT!" is worth a bag of gold.