Those government pet projects know as earmarks are irritating as it is when they squander our tax money.

But they are outright criminal when they take away money from our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

$20 million went to start an institute named after the later Senator Ted Kennedy. Another $25 million went to a World War II museum.

Worthy causes? They very well could be. But private money should be used.

I think we can agree that funds that largely came from accounts that fund fuel, ammunition, and training for U.S. troops should not have been used for such things that were WANTS, not NECESSITIES.

A senior fellow from an independent research foundation says it’s the worst example of bungling the defense budget that he has seen in 30 years.

Conservatives and liberals can hopefully agree that impairing repairs, spares, and supplies for weapons, vehicles, ships, and planes because of frivolous pork projects is, as Senator Tom Coburn puts it, a “disgrace” to say the least.

I can’t imagine why so many Americans are holding tea parties, can you?