I kept wondering in the back of my mind, "Where the heck are all these special interest groups after David Letterman admitted having multiple sexual relations with his staffers?"

NOW seemed conspicuously silent in my opinion.

Well, the National Organization For Women has finally spoken up about Letterman's affairs.

And their otherwise liberal ally has become their target of criticism.


It's about TIME!

In a statement, NOW contends that Letterman created a "toxic environment" for his female employees. That was a given. But nobody wanted to say anything! After all, ratings have only gone UP for Letterman since his admission and subsequent apology.

He put ALL employees in a situation that was "awkward, confusing, and demoralizing" according to NOW.

While not calling for his outright firing, NOW is pleading with CBS to take some action against the late night talk host.

Even Gloria Allred, the feisty celerity lawyer, is urging his employees (even current ones) to take him to court over the inappropriate trysts.

I don't think Letterman has been funny in literally YEARS. As I have said on my show, he has become a grouchy old man with a bullhorn for liberals and their causes and candidates. He has developed an outright mean streak lately.

Especially after the HORRIBLE and OFFENSIVE jokes about Sarah Palin and her daughter (the last time Letterman got this much attention), I am ok watching Letterman SQUIRM during all of this embarrassment.

Thanks, NOW, for having the courage to speak out against such a potentially sacred target.