Ok. Now I HAVE seen it all.

All Nippon Airways (ANA) is asking its passengers to please go to the bathroom before boarding their flights.

Is this request a way of easing congestion up and down the aisles during the flight?


It’s the latest idiotic measure to SAVE MOTHER EARTH!!

You see, the rationale is that if a passenger goes to the bathroom before boarding, they will weight LESS than if they don’t.

And if the passengers WEIGH LESS, that’s less weight on the plane, which of course translates to less FUEL consumed by the plane!


It makes perfect sense!

Let’s break it down for you!

The average human bladder holds 15 ounces. Let’s say there are 150 passengers on board the flight. That would breakdown to 63.7 kg of extra weight! And that’s not even counting…um…well, you know.

So next time you fly, try it! Do YOUR part to save the planet!

It wouldn’t work with me because I usually need a good strong highball before I take to the skies.

Probably not 15 ounces, but it depends on how nervous I am on any given flight.

Imagine…if…we…all…did…this. The planet would still be alive!

Oh wait. Never mind.