Before you snicker and laugh off this blog, remember something important.

You never dreamed they’d make it so you couldn’t smoke in a bar or restaurant.

You never imagined you’d be made to paint anti-graffiti coating on your new home (recent ordinance passed in Los Angeles).

You laughed at the thought you couldn’t have a wood burning fireplace in your new home.

You never believed they would make you shove a goofy looking earpiece into your skull if you wanted to use a cell phone while driving.

So my logic in the next several paragraphs shouldn’t seem that absurd in light of the above realities.

A woman was killed yesterday by a train near the University of Deleware.

According to witnesses, the 25-year-old waitress was distracted by a conversation she was having on her cell phone.

We already know that many states, including my own of California, have passed laws prohibiting the use of hand held cell phones while driving a car. As more and more studies show that it is more the CONVERSATION which is distracting and not so much the HOLDING of the phone, I predict it won’t be long before cell phones while driving are banned PERIOD.

Will talking on a cell phone while walking be next?

You laugh??

Must I suggest you re-read the opening thoughts of this blog?

Walking and talking don’t mix well. Ever been in a supermarket and run right into someone because you were lost in conversation? Ever jaywalk right into an oncoming car because the chit chat you were having was more exciting than traffic?

This woman was KILLED because she was distracted.

Trust me. It won’t be long.

But it will all be for our own good.

Just like the day when they pick what color we paint the inside of our homes when they do a study showing certain colors pose dangerous eye strain.