With six kids, we are always trying to find fun activities that most if not all of us can agree on. Not always an easy task.

This past weekend, I took 5 of the 6 to the Lincoln, California Air Show.

Two of the kids had been to air shows, but so long ago they couldn't remember. It was brand new for two of my boys as well as Baby Gingy.

What a fun time it was!

I had forgotten just how impressive these aerial acrobatic stunts can be. It's hard to describe the sense of wonder and excitement in seeing a bi-plane shoot straight into the sky and then spiral down as if to crash, only to pull out of it at the last minute.

Heart Stopping!

We saw many military aircraft take flight as well. The highlight of the day had to be seeing the impressive A10 take to the air. What a machine! And a very important one currently in Afghanistan. The A10 demonstrated simulated bombing runs and it put a lump in my throat to think of the pilots risking their lives for us in the War on Terror.

I love air shows for the sense of Americana, adventure, and discovery.

When you hear that some of these pilots had 4,500 plus hours of experience, it makes you stop and wonder what YOU are capable of if you spent that much time behind whatever makes you passionate.

Thanks to the pilots and the airports and the countless personnel and volunteers who make these events an affordable and amazingly fun experience for families and kids of all ages.