I was thinking of starting this blog with all the recent quotes from our liberal leadership reassuring us that the Stimulus had worked! We were back on track! Hope had arrived!

But I didn't want to irritate myself that much at 6 in the morning as I write this.

Besides, we KNOW what they all said. And you can look it up if you don't.

Today we get the news that unemployment in America ROSE AGAIN. It is now up to 9.8% nationally.

Of course. it's already been 10%  or higher in a dozen or so states, including California (over 12%) and Michigan (over 15%).

Dude, where's my hope?

Read my lips: Unemployment will not go above 8%. Remember when Obama said that?

At least the President has his priorities right, as he is off with Oprah trying to bring the Olympics to Chicago.

I knew these guys didn't know what they were doing. I knew that HOPE is easier attained as a slogan than as a reality.

Look at the bright side though.

The stimulus worked better than Pennsylvania Avenue ever imagined.