I will disagree with the President, the First Lady, and Oprah, who apparently believe that bringing the Olympics to Chicago in EIGHT YEARS is a huge priority.

I point instead to the senseless violence which continues on its brutal course.

We  talked about the tragic and ugly beating death of an honors student caught in the middle of rival gangs and their idiotic chest thumping.

Now, another youth has been critically injured, this time on the north side.

He was being chases by three males who beat him nearly to death, crushing his skull. Witnesses described blood was everywhere.

I don't have all the answers. But I know that the President pushing for the Olympics years down the road does not even RANK compared to the carnage that is happening day to day in Chicago.

Police departments around the nation are cash strapped. It's a damn shame that there is always money to patch up an illegal alien in the hospital or to pay for any number of medical procedures, scholastic degrees, and the like. But putting more cops on the streets? Nah. Not a priority. No money for THAT.

I would LIKE to see the National Guard patrol these neighborhoods and see if THAT helps. Something tells me these lowlife thugs who might be a match for a fellow teen with a pipe or a 2 X 4 wouldn't be much of a match for a Guardsman with a rifle.

What else is working? Nothing.

What is YOUR answer? Midnight basketball? More compassion? More entitlements? More redistribution of wealth?

Nah. I will stick to the Guard. Thanks.