It's nice to be back. 5 days off the air (7 if you count the weekend) is not something I do very often.

I wish I could say it was a relaxing vacation, but it was one stressful moment after another. From Baby Gingy's eye surgery to my Father-In-Law's close call in a freak accident, everything that could have happened DID happen.

So today feels calm by comparison.

One thing that I did over my days off that DID feel good was FIRING someone.

I posted this on Facebook and was amazed at a couple of the comments I received. There were references to "in the economy, it's always sad when someone loses their job" and one guy actually DUMPED me as a "friend" over the fact that I seemed cold and callous.

How dare I actually feel PLEASURE in firing someone.

Let me clarify something real fast and as clearly as I can--SOME PEOPLE DESERVE TO LOSE THEIR JOBS!


Did Spencer just say what I THINK he said?? That some people DESERVE to lose their jobs??

Yep. I said it.

Because it's true.

We have gotten so conditioned in this country, thanks in LARGE PART to the current winds in Washington, to believe that a job is essentially a RIGHT in America.

A job is NOT a right. Neither is health care, by the way.

Think about it for a moment. What is your immediate, GUT reaction when a friend tells you or you read about a complete stranger losing their job.

You feel bad. You may even feel survivor guilt that you made it and they didn't. Maybe they worked in the cubicle across from you.

But what we RARELY IF EVER stop to consider is that SOME of the people being fired every day quite possible DESERVE to be fired!

Certainly not the majority of people.

But would you really feel sad for the guy who got fired for embezzling money from his company? Or the coach or business partner involved in sexual harassment? Or someone who wasn't meeting any of their goals and quotas?

Aren't these people worthy of being fired??

How about the employee who waltzes into work 20 minutes late everyday? Should they be protected with job security?

Trust me. The person I fired had it coming. Was I supposed to continue being screwed out of fear that I would be contributing to California's 12% plus unemployment rate?

Worry not. This snake is still working for other people.

But it's just a matter of time before they wake up the way I did.

What happens to a pizza parlor that lets chips of broken glass and employee hairs to fall into the dough?

They go out of business.

What happens to employees who don't perform? Who steal or abuse or damage?

They go out of business, too.

I got fired in front of my now 10-year-old daughter when she was a toddler, even though I had a bigger following than the guy who fired me. I was the best thing to happen to that radio station possibly EVER.

THAT was sad. I was more than producing for the company. But they let me go anyway. Which was their right.

Ended up being the best thing that ever happened to me.

Yes, sometimes good people are let go. Sometimes the reasons make more sense than at other times.

But there is no doubt in my mind that some people DESERVE to lose their jobs.

Bad employees need to be replaced with good employees and sometimes good employees are replaced with BETTER employees.

How else will quality ever go up if bad people aren't let go?

Not everyone who loses their job is a victim. If we aren't afraid to look deeper, you will find that many people's actions (or lack of actions) greatly or entirely contributed to their employment demise.