It's the mountains, the deserts, the Ocean, the weather, and family that keep me in California.

I guarantee you it's not the political and social idiocy that is a recreational drug out here.

The same state Senator who pushed for restaurant menus to disclose nutritional information--Alex Padilla--now wants to hold hearings on the link between soda and obesity.

I am sick to death of all this Nanny State GARBAGE.

Fruit juices are loaded with calories and sugar, too. I just checked. The  glass of orange juice my son drank has 30 grams of sugar and 150 calories.

Now, I realize it's not the high fructose corn syrup the Food Police believe is the root of all evil. But come on now! That's a LOT of sugar and it's half the calories as my healthy dinner last night. Two glasses of orange juice have the same amount of calories as MY DINNER!

That'll make 'em fat, sure enough.

Oh wait. None of my kids are fat. Hmmmm. Could be because they are ALWAYS moving around. Could be because we don't tolerate sedentary behavior where they just SIT THERE like sloths.

You know what I want, Senator Padilla?

I want you to hold hearings on the link between obesity and LAZINESS.

Oh man, did I just say that??

Well, if sodas were the problem, my kids would weigh 300 pounds EACH. If soda were the problem there shouldn't be that many skinny people drinking them.

The problem is not soda. It's not that restaurants serve gigantic portions (whatever happened to taking some of it home and making a couple of meals out of it??). It's not that corn syrup is lurking everywhere like a great big UFO conspiracy.

No, it's our OWN ACTIONS. Or more like, our LACK of actions.

It takes what our grandparent's generation had--WILL POWER. The ability to say NO. Not necessarily NO to OTHERS. But how about the ability to say NO to OURSELVES?

I just had a 100 calorie Activia yogurt for breakfast and two big glasses of water.

I COULD have had 6 slices of bacon and 4 eggs and 2 glasses of orange juice. And that would have been more calories in ONE MEAL than I plan to have all day long.


It all boils down to choices.

We don't need the government getting involved in this. Use your brain and your common sense. Do we really need or want the government to do EVERYTHING for us??

You have got to love a state that became the first in the Nation to pass menu labeling rules while its parks are littered with hypodermic needles.

I have a new motto for California--"Pot Not Pepsi! Pot Not Pepsi!"

Hey, it isn't any crazier than all the other airborne stupidity and West Coast Weirdness.