Albert Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.

Looks like we are all insane! We are all guilty of this!

But it's a pattern we have to break. We will never break out of our rut and succeed if we don't!

Think about it for a moment.

There is a stretch of road we take to work and it's ALWAYS backed up. We can either take a different route or leave 20 minutes earlier to give us more of a cushion.

We choose to do neither. And then we are shocked when we are LATE AGAIN!

Or we go to lunch with co-workers and order the double cheeseburger. AGAIN.

And again, the next day we grumble over how our slacks or skirt is too tight against our middle.

We COULD have ordered the salad with low or no fat dressing. We could have had even a SINGLE cheeseburger.

But we choose to do neither. And then we are shocked when we aren't making progress in losing weight.

One last and common example to demonstrate that none of us is free of these counter productive habits.

We get a bonus at work or come across some "found" money as they say--a rebate check we weren't expecting or a small but tasty lottery winning.

We COULD put it towards paying our mountain of bills and past dues. We COULD save it for that rainy day.

But we choose to do neither. And then we are shocked when the water gets shut off or we don't have the funds to fix the car when it breaks down on the way home from baseball practice.

Einstein was right. It IS insanity to think we can continue following our current paths in life and end up with different results.

Stop doing the things that don't work for you. You CAN change the actions and as a result, you WILL change the outcomes.

It has to be. And it always has been and always will be.

Watch your life change for the better when you live this way!

But living this way is like everything else--a choice.

Will you make it?

Or just grumble and bellyache when nothing changes for you and your life is in ruins?