If I had any hair left on the top of my head, I would be pulling it out right about now.

Many callers to my show, Facebook messages, and e-mails are missing the boat on my dissent regarding Obama's education speech to America's students.

The bottom line for me is this--please read closely so I don't have to keep repeating it--it is not the President's role to address my children about staying in school, working hard, or anything else.


Any questions?

Maybe Obama should have insisted that this speech (the only thing he is apparently good at anymore with his approval at 42% and his programs and dreams fading by the moment) only be piped into the inner city schools that are the biggest disasters. Why not do that? Oh...that might single out the bad schools. Pardon me. Better to lump all the schools together and pretend they all share the same problems and concerns.

I worked my whole life as hard as I have so my kids could be raised in decent communities and go to the best schools around, public and private. We don't have drop out problems. We don't have truancy concerns. Our schools are not erupting with drugs and decay.

We don't need the President to show up in a cape and cowl and save the day.

Thankfully, enough parents have seen through his charade. They have called their school districts in droves and the schools are largely listening to concerns.

Some are letting kids opt out. Others are refusing to carry the speech altogether.

Our school principal came up with a brilliant solution: To NOT show the speech in class, but to LET PARENTS DECIDE if they want their kids to see it with THEM after school hours.

How hard was THAT to come up with?? Why force it on kids and parents in the classroom?

And I am sorry, but a 5-year-old in school for the FIRST TIME does NOT need to hear about things like AIDS, cancer, poverty, and homelessness when they are already scared out of their minds and clutching for their parents.

Plus you know what?? Here's inconvenient news for you. Not every kid is going to pursue their education to SAVE THE PLANET. We aren't all going to be community activists like Obama was.

Some will cut hair and race cars and talk on the radio. Kids shouldn't feel this burden that they have to cure cancer and AIDS and every other ailment that befalls humanity.

And honestly, does anyone really think the speech as it was released yesterday was the ORIGINAL text?? If it was, why didn't they release it LAST WEEK when the controversy erupted?? They could have avoided ALL OF THIS if they had done that.

My thought? This WAS NOT the first draft. It is the dumbed down version, in my opinion. This White House is notorious for dumbing things down the minute people start complaining about something. We already saw this last Friday when they decided to DROP the suggested lesson plan of asking kids to write letters to themselves on how they can "help" the President.

Some people need the President to be their Daddy and their childrens' Daddy, too.

Not I.

Step up to the plate, America. Raise your OWN children.

The government is more than willing to do it if you won't.