Doom & Gloom: Will Swin Flu Become The Next Self Fulfilling Prophecy?

I remember when the Dems were crying about how awful the economy was when it actually WASN’T bad yet.

Wonder what they call it NOW that under President Obama much of it has clearly gotten worse?

But never mind that. The Doom & Gloom mentality and the Chicken Little bellyaching bring the worst case scenarios to fruition.

You tell people life sucks enough, they will ultimately stop pulling the sheets off and even venturing to get the mail.

Hammer fear into people enough and you end up with paranoia. Following that comes hysteria.

Today’s next self fulfilling prophecy could very well be Swine Flu. Pardon me…H1N1.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and company are reminded us that this COULD kill at many as 90,000 people. COULD is the key word.

But I find it interesting that they list “30,000 deaths” on the low end of the estimate. More people than that die of the “typical” flu each year.

So here is what they are saying. We don’t know, but we THINK that it could be LESS SEVERE than the typical flu season, or three times worse.

Can you imagine going into a business in the real world and being given information like that?!?! That’s a pretty wide spread, yes?

There have been 550 deaths in America to H1N1. In a nation of more than 300 million people, as troubling as any deaths are, that number is not even statistically measurable.

The one year my family and I got flu shots, we got SICKER FROM THE FLU THAN WE EVER HAD. Vaccines CAN be helpful. Sometimes, they just don’t help at all.

Napolitano was asked on the Today Show this week why the government isn’t making the vaccine mandatory once it’s available.

Her answer?

“You get pushback to that,” she said.

Her answer SHOULD have been, “Because we live in a free country.”

Will H1N1 become the next self fulfilling prophecy?

Looks like the politicians sure are hoping.

Massachusetts has a pandemic bill awaiting approval in the House that would allow police to ENTER HOMES WITHOUT WARRANTS, to ARREST people refusing to be detained in a Swine Flu outbreak, and other scary things.

Question we need to truly worry about: Would the government start violating our civil rights at 30,000 or 90,000 deaths?

Ponder that one.

And in the meantime, wash your hands and cough into your arm for goodness sakes.