here we go again and sadly the Judge is not here to debate our high intensity interrogation discussion. I think what separates me from many of the callers who dont like to know the details of what we did is that I never question the intent of our President. I dont think Bill Clinton was anti -American for allowing AQ to grow and flourish during his 8 years I just think he misjudged the threat. I dont think President Bush 43 ignored AQ for 8 months allowing them to pull off 911 he just misjudged.. As you remember he was in the process of ramping up the attack on AQ he didn't do it quick enough. Now I am beginning to think it may be President Obama's intention to understate the threat facing us and its inexcuseable. After what we saw on 911 after what we see daily in Pakistan - saw in London -Madrid why does this President still think its a law enforcement action.?

Read Saturdays Washington Post they record how effective the interrogation tactics were on KSM, Zubayda and others and how dare we prosecute CIA guys who pulled off the strategy....Don't you agree??