How ironic.

Liberals usually are dead set against requiring ID in order to vote in America. Whenever the issue comes up, they always whine about how requiring identification is (somehow) discriminatory to minorities, the elderly, fill in the blank. I think they are really afraid that illegals voting for democrats might be caught in the act. God forbid!

I have to show ID for the SILLIEST of daily interactions. But I have NEVER had to show my ID to vote in the greatest country that has ever been.

Odd, don't you think?

Well, democratic Congressman Jim Moran is all of a sudden in favor of asking citizens for their ID. He wants you to show your papers, so to speak.


Because you voiced your dissent to the Congressman from Virginia.

Can you BELIEVE this??

It's true. At a town hall meeting, Moran actually asked a participant for their ID because he wanted to see if they were from his district.

Funny how it doesn't change the argument, does it? People are TICKED OFF and MAD AS HELL in this country, at least those of us who haven't fallen over, delirious, from drinking all the Kook-Aid.

How DARE he belittle a man's opinion by demanding he show identification??

Moran later apologized.

What a JOKE.

Imagine the double standard once more for a second. What if a republican Congressman had asked an anti-war protester to SHOW THEIR PAPERS?!?!

You know the answer to that one.

And now if you'll excuse me...I have to find my Driver's License.

You never know who might ask you for it.