Wait. What happened?

I could have sworn that the kids JUST had their last day of school! Weren't we JUST bringing home bags of cupcakes and class projects?!?!

We are more than halfway through AUGUST?? What year is it?? I must be a time traveler. ZOINKS!

Yes, school starts this week for the Hughes Bunch. For some of you it's just around the corner if it hasn't started already.

I honestly can't remember where the summer went. I remember limited afternoons in the pool and lighting up the biggest fireworks box we ever had.

My son turned 10 and American turned 233. It was the one year anniversary of my mother's death.

I am ashamed to say we didn't have any barbecues this summer. NOT ONE! I still have the empty propane tank waiting to be replaced, too.

What the heck happened?

Remember when summer seemed to last forever? And not just when you were a kid, either.

I mean, like LAST year? Is it just a by-product of getting old? But it seemed to go by fast for the kids, too.

Well, it means that one of my favorite seasons is just around the corner. I love it when the leaves turn red and gold and the air gets crisp and the smell of pumpkin pie is in the air.

Baby Gingy will turn 2 and my son will become a teenager (officially...he has been one for many years already...hahaha).

Bet you one thing. All of a sudden, we will need  a crane to get the kids out of bed at a time they've been waking up anyway.

And so it goes.

See ya summer break. Wish I would have given you a little more attention.