OK, I get it- The President Robert Gibbs, and Secretary Sebelius can't all be wrong they have made it clear the public option pipe dream is ready to burst. It seems the tension in the town halls has reached DC and the President has backed off end of life counseling " death panels" and now Public Option.

Now perhaps they will sit down with Republicans and try to work something out that will help us not the party's. I think we need this all addressed and over the weekend we heard about vouchers, health care accounts and a patients free choice act. That what you need a way forward not a step to the right or left.

I do think Michael Vick should be playing and was astounded to hear him admit he never studied film worked out or tried to improve as a pro or in college. Can you imagine if he starts trying now at 29? the results could be scary of prison did not sap top much from his body.