Today could be the day President Obama directly feels the heat and is pressed for answer as he runs his own town hall in Montana. The key will be if they allow follow ups and does the mic stay live as he tries to filler-buster.

The problem for the President is when he goes long periods unscripted he gets himself in trouble and if he does not stpe into it in Montana look out Colorado. Personally I would take Newt's adv ice and do more listening the talking for the first time since his community organizing days in Chicago.. America has a problem with Cap and Trade, GM bailouts, AIG save and even the pay czar assignment.

He has to put his ear to the ground and tap back into Americans again. Remember he talked about all those who didn't for for him on election night and how he wanted to win them over. Changing his approach to his job would certainly help. Michael Moore will always love him but will you?