I had a recent caller that got my blood boiling.

I asked him how the rich acquired their wealth. He said--with a straight face mind you--that they got their riches by doing things that are NOW illegal, but were legal at the time of the acquisition of their loot.

Can you believe this?

Remember the Little Engine who COULD??

We have become a nation of "I can't" and "I won't" and "It's their fault no mine" minded people.

I will keep this blog short and sweet, lest I have a stroke thinking about it too much.

Very few--if ANY--successful people got to where they are believing that their dream shouldn't, wouldn't, or couldn't come to fruition.

A great deal of what determines if someone will be successful or not boils down to BELIEF and a TRUE, SPECIFIC vision of what they want to do or be or achieve.

Stop the bellyaching. Stop the whining. Stop the excuse making.

It's probably your own damned fault that you are unhappy or unsuccessful.

Don't just do something, SIT there!!

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