I am so disappointed by Professor Gates comments or lack there of..Hey, he called Sgt. Crowley a rogue cop but yet he felt no need to apologize? Sgt Crowley is without the impressive communication skills but was willing to talk to the press about anything or everything he could. I know both re friendly and the Professor issued a statement , but no remorse. They plan to meet gain but what could they possibly do for each other except possibly some joint speeches across the country. Regardless the President looked comfortable and I am sure wants to get back to health care costs.

So, Charles Krauthammer wrote that the believes health care will get done just not the way the President wants. By the way read TIME magazine interview with the President and says Health Crae is the hardest thing hes had to do in his entire public life. talks about how he is having trouble explaining the program and winning people over , yes even 1 on 1.

Have a great weekend