Here we go AGAIN!

New "research" shows that texting while driving is even MORE dangerous than other studies have suggested.

I have yet to see the study showing how dangerous STUPIDITY is behind the wheel of a car. Would be too insulting to the bulk of drivers out there, probably.

The results are a little misleading, too.  The supposed increases in accidents came from HEAVY TRUCK drivers (presumably drivers of big trucks, not obese drivers) who were texting--they were 23 times more likely to get into an accident.

It stands to reason that an 18 wheeler is harder to drive on average than a small car or truck. I probably wouldn't attempt to text while trying to maneuver a huge truck, either.

But there is no perspective here. Same way it's more dangerous to walk across a beam if it's teetering between two skyscrapers than if it's placed across your front lawn, we need to use our brains here.

How does one explain that in the thousands of texts I have sent and received while driving, I have NEVER been in or caused an accident? If texting is so dangerous, did I just get lucky?


I am a SAFE driver. PERIOD. As I have said a million times, you'd be safer driving with me texting, chatting, and keeping the kids from killing each other than driving with some idiot who is a REAL DANGER, even with both hands on the wheel.

Ever seen the elderly driver with both hands on the wheel, looking straight ahead, and going 18 miles per hour in the fast lane? Yep. Far more dangerous than yours truly with a cell phone or texting.

We need to realize it is not the CELL PHONE causing the accident. It is the utter inability of the driver to DRIVE a car.

Ban billboards then. They take our attention off the road as well. So does pretty scenery.

Ban everything and be done with it.

But please start with stupid people.

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