Hey Honey! I’m Spending Us Into Oblivion So We Can Save!


Does the title of my blog make ANY sense whatsoever? Let’s save some money…not by SPENDING it…but by SAVING it.

Leave it to Vice President Biden to say something silly like “We misread the economy” or, his latest inspirational words are that we need to keep spending money in order to avoid bankruptcy. HUH?? Isn’t the runaway spending what really GOT us into this MESS to begin with??

Yes, it has.

As I have mentioned on my show many times, we have passed the ONE TRILLION DOLLAR deficit mark now. This happened because of outrageous spending sprees we haven’t seen from the government in literally YEARS and YEARS.

I never believed that Biden or Obama had the slightest CLUE how a capitalist foundation works.

But with the Vice President’s latest words, it is certain to me now that they clearly just don’t get it.

The bottom line is that out of control government spending has brought us to the economic conditions we have today.

To say that to avoid bankruptcy, we need to spend more? Well, that’s something only Biden could state with a staight face.

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