Call me a simpleton, but I am still amazed that many ATMs can now take your checks without envelopes. Not only that, but the internal scanners can now tell you how much the check was written for. And they can even decipher the messiest signatures.

That is pretty darned cool, don't you think? AND they can sell you stamps??

What will be next? Combo ATM-vending machines? Have a soda subtracted from your paycheck!

Well, in South Africa, ATMs have pepper spray. That is, for those who would try to tamper with the machines to get quick cash.

It's James Bond meets Inspector Gadget!

Nearly 500 cash machines were blown up and robbed last year alone. And the problem is only getting worse.

But there's nothing like a little pepper spray to dampen a robber's appetite, right?

Unfortunately, there is room for malfunctions. Three technicians were accidentaly sprayed and required medical treatment. Ooooops.

It would be a great idea here in America, but with lawsuits and liability being what they are today, it would never happen.

Wonder if you can get some stamps and soda with that?

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