Republicans will hopefully ask Sonia Sotomayor all the tough questions they SHOULD be asking before they just hand her a position on the United States Supreme Court.

The main thing I fear about her appointment, other than the fact that she is just way too liberal, is that she seems to put a premium on her race. Her race seems to become her IDENTITY an awful lot.

I am Hispanic, as well. But I would be a very DIFFERENT Supreme Court Justice.


Because race is NOT my identity. I do not live my life as an Hispanic as Sotomayor apparently does. I live my life as an AMERICAN. PERIOD.

And so does Justice Clarence Thomas. I think that is why a lot of liberals loath him so much. He refuses to rule as a "black" American. Which is why many don't even consider him really a true minority as they view Sotomayor.

Sotomayor has said in the past that she did not have the scores to get into school--so basically thank God for affirmative action. This is EXACTLY what is WRONG with America. If you don't have the scores, you don't get in. PERIOD!

We need to remember that the Supreme Court just recently reversed a decision by Sotomayor and other appeals judges that clearly WAS wrong as they had ruled. It was the now infamous case of the white firefighters who has their great test scores thrown out because--through no fault of their own--minority scores were AWFUL.

So the city of New Haven THREW OUT THE TEST, instead of just promoting the firefighters who WERE WORTHY of the promotion and telling the ones who WEREN'T that maybe they should set up a study group with those who could achieve.

There is a view in America that we all should have equality of opportunity. That is held by conservatives.

Sonia Sotomayor is a liberal and believes, as most liberals do, in equality of RESULTS.

Sorry, but with all due respect, we can never have equality of RESULTS unless we cheat. The only time we have that is when we are six feet under. That will be when we are all equal. At least on this earth, anyway.

I am not against a Hispanic on the Supreme Court. I am against a Hispanic who insists on seeing themselves first as an Hispanic, and second as an American.

Too bad Spencer Hughes isn't in the running. Those obsessed with race would have their Hispanic. And those who believe in the Constitution and and its strict interpretation would have a Justice worth being proud of.

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