I think the best part of President Obama’s presser in Italy is that its time to condense the summits. These leaders dont get anything done and yet they have the players in place to get things done. Its a giant photo op and its costing networks millions and keeps the president off the issues that concern us.

I really dont care that much about how we are viewed and its not possible to have Americas agenda be the worlds agenda. Tired hearing about nuclear disarmament and surprised that Malia put herself in the new by wearing that peace shirt. Shocked that the President thinks that disarnming the UK the us and russia will send a great mesage to ran. Can we please not put that Zelaya back in pwoer in Honduras!! He’s onto US and wants to be bff with Chavez

Have a great weekend and Mr President Health Care, Finacial Reform, and Immigration awaits you in DC and oh yeah, Joe Biden.