Are you worried about our security the state of our human intell? I know I am like I have not been since 1998. Incredible this dem written letter signed by & members of the house intel committee became public. Yes a letter written to Director Panetta to come out and back Pelosi in her claim that the CIA has been misleading and concealing information from them since 2001 has become public. Can you believe a top secret memo between intell members and the CIA got leaked? I am stunned by this and why perhaps the CIA might not be telling them everything. They cant be trusted to keep a secret and overall probably dont need to know how and why they are doing what they are doing I think the CIA should have oversight but not micromanaged and I fear right now they are discouraged. It was great of Adam Smith to come on and talk about why he signed the letter. What do you think are we safer today I know we have many more drone attacks and the Pakistani Army is finally moving for real on the Taliban, but here at home we are allot looser. I mean President Obama is trying to allow Muslims to tithe high amounts to their foundations. Well I know some are legit but many fund terrorist who kill our guy and maybe someone in your family- so until we know the difference I say we go back to limiting contributions. If some dont like it let them move out and fund abroad.