Those of you who have followed my show and blogs for some time know full well my former "addiction" to the massively multiplayer online roleplaying game, "World of Warcraft".

If you haven't seen your spouse or teenager lately, chances are they are logged on and engaging in a timesink battle between the Alliance and the Horde.

Looking back, I can't believe how many MONTHS of my life were literally dumped down the drain of this game.  Typing "/play" tells the unsuspecting player just how much time they have spent logged on to the game. It usually isn't measured in hours, but MONTHS...months made up of actual 24 HOUR DAYS!

The game makers are geniuses, all of them, because they keep getting millions of new players around the world hooked all the time. The latest carrot is tying in the game with Mountain Dew products. Now your kids have a REASON to guzzle that stuff down! They are on a QUEST, after all!

"Just one more hour and I will log! Promise," you will hear from players of all ages.

Well, I just read about a new Twitter client that enables players of the game to send and receive their Twitter messages (as a grown man, I refuse to refer to them as...GASP...tweets) within a game. And if you are too wrapped up in a battle or dungeon with your guild, you can put a queue to be sent at a not so catastrophic time.

My...I think it might be time to brew a nice strong pot of coffee, put the level 80 epic two-handed sword down, put the plate armor back in the closet, and go outside.

Not for a long time, but just for a little. Start with a few minutes. Then hours.

Next thing you know, you'll be back to spending all that extra time reading books or smelling roses or playing with the kids.

It's pretty cool once you get used to it again.

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