One of my favorite memories from childhood was watching my father light off fireworks in front of our house in San Francisco.

I didn't need the ones that made a big BOOM in the sky. I am talking about the Red Devil Safe & Sane box he would buy every year.

Those were the days.

And thankfully, they still SOME places. The few places left where Americans have the freedom to light safe home fireworks on America's Birthday.

But unfortunately, there are many places in America where you are no longer allowed to light them. And the list of places keeps growing.

All it takes is an isolated brush fire or a house burning down SOMEWHERE in America for cities to go crazy with absurd bans.

People say it's a fire danger. Yep. So are cigarettes and candles. So are firepits and fireplaces. Candles cause a LOT more fires every year than fireworks. I wonder why we haven't banned CANDLES yet?!?!

I hate the sheep mentality in America today. People really don't THINK FOR THEMSELVES anymore and it doesn't help that the government at every level keeps insisting that we can't think or act on our own anymore without their help and step by step guidance.

I worked in a community that ended up banning fireworks all because of TWO MORONS who a) lit them in an area where they were ALREADY ILLEGAL and b) threw them over a fence and burned down a house.

TWO MORONS. Hundreds of thousands losing an all American tradition.

People argue that the big fireworks shows are the best, anyway.

Some ARE impressive and yes, they have a place on Independence Day. But they can't replace the fun and excitement of Safe & Sane fireworks. I actually don't remember any of the fireworks shows growing up.

But I still have vivid memories of watching those cones light up and the Cherry Blossoms spin round and round in front of our Bernal Heights home in the 70s and 80s.

And thank God, I still live in a place where my children have enjoyed them every year, too.

The tradition continues...for now...until our city becomes the next one to fall to hysteria and political correctness and blindness.

And now if you'll excuse me...I have a box of Red Devils to buy for this weekend.

Happy Birthday, America. May you remain the free country that you have always been.

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