Did The EPA Suppress The Truth On Global Warming?

The dirtiest little secret that apparently many Americans are still not aware of is the growing number of skeptics of global warming.

The biggest problem through the ages was that people really didn’t think for themselves. And it appears that this is still the case.

Never have I seen so many of my fellow Americans running around like children without a supervisor, crying and lost and confused. The sky is falling!! It MUST be!! That is what Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and Barney Frank and the President keep telling us!! It MUST be true!!

Most people forget that global warming due to man’s actions is a THEORY, not a fact. After all, the earth did more than its fair share of warming up LONG BEFORE we got here . But the alarmists aren’t able to explain how that happened without the aid of SUVs and factories and capitalism.

Nor can they explain how OTHER planets are warming. They refuse to acknowledge that the SUN is acting in ways that are not typical of our experience. And if the Sun warms everything, and the Sun is acting in odd ways, why COULDN’T the Sun be more of a culprit in “global warming” than man?? Wouldn’t it make sense that our giant ball of fiery gas up in the sky can affect temperatures far more than we realize?? Or far more than WE can?

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) has rightfully ordered an investigation into the EPA’s supposed suppression of a report that did not go along with the lockstep of the global warming alarmists.

Why didn’t the agency pay attention to a nearly 100 page report by EPA analyst Alan Carlin that found the data used to scare the HELL out of us is outdated and that temperatures are actually on the way DOWN??

Carlin is not alone. Many scientists–much more than you’d EVER know from listening to self proclaimed expert Al Gore and others–are warning AGAINST the warnings.

Of course, it’s no surprise if this suppression of the truth proves to be correct. The timing couldn’t have been better–the House last Friday barely passed the invasive and expensive “Cap & Trade” climate bill.

Now it’s off to the Senate where it will hopefully meet solid defeat.

People really need to start thinking for themselves again. And I hope it happens sooner than later.

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