I always liked Governor Sanford, but never thought he was a leading contender for the Presidency and no threat to President Obama in two years. Still I just cant help but feel bad for a guy who seemed so human–unlike Ensign, Edwards, Craig I just feel for this guy . As you have had heard before there are no winners, especially here. How stupid is this guy in the middle of a life destroying affair he elects to disappear without even telling his Lt. Governor. He could have minimized the damage to himself and his family instead its international news. Next shoe to drop is when we find Maria in Argentina and learn how and why they met.

Iran’s brutality confirms why President Bush was right not to styart talks with the Evil Supreme Leader. They club their one people throw them off bridges and arrest professors for demanding their votes be counted. Did I mention they shoot well educated 26 year old girls through the heart!! Lets have a picnic!!