I have just about had all I can take from the Powers That Be that practically don't trust me to tie my shoes and talk at the same time.

Enough already.

Ban dangerous drivers. Go after them because they are AWFUL drivers who endanger others AND themselves. A bad driver is a bad driver PERIOD. I don't care if they swerve because of talking on a cell phone, eating a banana, or fiddling with the radio. NAIL THEM.

But that doesn't satisfy the societal babysitters. They prefer to ban hand held cell phone use.

And they love bans on texting while driving.

Now New Jersey is poised to become the first state in America to ban the operation of a GPS unit by the driver of a moving automobile if a Democratic lawmaker has his way.

Sorry, but I am not exceptionally talented or gifted and I can STILL manage to talk on a cell phone, eat a banana, text, fiddle with the radio, AND operate my GPS on the fly WITHOUT causing blood to be spilled.

I am so tired of not being given enough credit just because there are so many stupid people ruining it for the rest of us.

Remember the old cries of "Government: hands off my uterus!"?? Well I say hands off my cell phone, texting, and GPS unit.

I am totally fine with slamming offenders with harsh penalties. But I am NOT ok with throwing the baby out with the bath water. SORRY.

And now if you'll excuse me, I have to change lanes before I miss my exit.

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