Well, Paul Simon feared Momma would take his Kodachrome away.

And although it wasn't Momma who ultimately did, Kodak has decided to discontinue its iconic and most senior film due to lack of demand in a digital age.

I feel another part of my childhood has passed away, surviving now only in the vaults of my nostalgic mind.

As a kid growing up in the 70s and 80s, I remember my grandfather and father taking tons of family pictures on the classic film.

Simon was right. It gave us "those nice bright colors" and made us "think all the world's a sunny day".

Who knows how long Kodak will even stay in the film business at all, with 70% of the company's revenue coming from the digital side.

It's was a nice, long, sweet 74 year ride for Kodachrome.

The greens of summer just won't be quite the same ever again.

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