This is the first story in a long time that made me cry. Literally cry.

It made me appreciate even more our precious children and realize once more that the time we have on this planet is limited to say the least.

Our oldest daughter turned 10 last December and my son is about to turn 10 this next week.

That is the age that Colby Curtin was when she died recently of a rare form of cancer.

This beautiful and lively little girl had only one last dying wish, one so refreshingly innocent in an age where kids are robbed of their innocence that it will bring tears to your eyes.

She wanted to watch the Pixar movie "Up" before she died.

But she was too sick to go to movie theaters anymore.

A family friend contacted Pixar and the company flew out an employee with a copy of the DVD for the family to enjoy for a private viewing.

Young Colby died several hours after watching the film.

This young girl loved to dance, sing, and swim, according to a family friend.  

I never knew Colby Curtin, but I mourn and weep for her and her family.

This could have been my daughter. She could have been yours.

Keep things in perspective today. This is a bittersweet lesson for all of us, no matter our age.

Don't take people or things or life for granted. Don't huff and puff over the little and idiotic things like parking spaces and smudges on the floor.

Think of young, precious Colby today.

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