My wife this morning suggested I Google the Hancock Village School after having heard a news story on it.

I was sad to find that this 208-year-old, two room schoolhouse in Vermont was closing its doors.

The school was built when Thomas Jefferson was president! It is considered the oldest operating two-room schoolhouse in the country. The bell--dating back to 1801--still rings to call the kids back from recess.

But it will ring no more after tomorrow, when its 20 students will prepare to move to neighboring schools.  It was just a matter of finances.

The lead teacher and prinicipal, Mary Sue Crowley, said it quite eloquently to the Associated Press:  "This town really has the school as its centerpost; it's what is its heart. This is where they come for the potlucks with their kids, this is where you can bring your kids after school and play with the others kids that are on the swing set. This is also a place that's been open for 208 years. That's really an amazing run."

An amazing run indeed. Full of life, laughs, challenges, rites of passage, and history.

Farewell, Hancock Village School. May the spirits and memories of all of your pupils celebrate their love for you always.

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