We already know that bomb threats had been made just days before Air France Flight 447 crashed into the Atlantic.

Experts have not ruled out terrorism as a cause of the deadly disaster that cost the lives of all 228 onboard.

And now we are finding out that French Secret Servicemen have made a disturbing connection. Apparently, two of the dead passengers had names that matched a list of radical Muslims considered a threat to France.


Could be. But the connection is apparently being taken very seriously, as it should be. After all, extremists had been making threats against France for months now.

The obvious question is this: Why wasn't this connection made BEFORE those passengers ever made it on Flight 447? Especially when the airline had received BOMB THREATS days before this happened?? Why are they making that connection NOW??

Was it a lightning storm that brought down that flight into the Atlantic? Or was it terrorism? Or a combination of both?

The answers are not as obvious or forthcoming as the questions.

When will radical Islam hear all of our calls for peace and harmony?

Pakistan is self imploding with terrorism. Yesterday a bold suicide bomber killed at least 18 people and injured dozens more.

Iraq had the deadliest attack in the Nasiriyah area in nearly SIX years.  At least 29 people were slaughtered and dozens more injured in an area where car bombs were rare.

Looks like the radical Muslim world is not listening very well.

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