Anyone who followed my on and off air commentary during this past AMERICAN IDOL season knows I didn't like Adam Lambert much.

But many people assumed my distaste was veiled gay bashing. It was NOT, I assure you. It was only his flamboyant and over-the-top performances and high notes that scared my baby and dog that I took offense to.

And now, Adam Lambert has officially "come out" as gay in Rolling Stone Magazine.

Believe it or not...I say GOOD FOR HIM.

No one should have to be a closeted ANYTHING--whether it be gay or conservative or liberal or Christian or Muslim or ANYTHING ELSE.

The best thing you can do in life is be true to yourself. It is the only way you can be ultimately true to OTHERS around you.

You cannot and should not live a lie. Life is too precious and short to be something other than who you are.

From a young age we need to be prepared for all the people around us who will try to make piano players or clowns or baseball players or artists or stock brokers out of us--even though we are really cut out to be something else.

Good for you, Adam.

I didn't root for you on AMERICAN IDOL.

But I am completely with you today.

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