Fridays show for me was all about Thursdays speech. What was in it and what has it changed essentially is what we talked about all day. Israel not happy Hamas not happy Republicans are scratching their heads, but regardless the 55 minute speech was historic. Along with being historic it has people talking from water coolers around the world. Now the pressure seems to be on the Muslims to stop the trash talk sto making excuses and blaming us and crack down om your crazies. UBL came out with a tape and I just want to know how many Muslims listened and how many cared. When moderates deliver UBL from his cliff in Swat valley I will know the speech worked.

I just hope President Obama wont be too stubborn to admit his olive branch to Iran has failed and find away to destroy his weapons program. Allowing them to get Nuke power is bad news too. North Korea is one nation that said they wanted peaceful nukes and now have a nuke bomb