Well, Obama said he wanted to be a historic president and he's certainly on the right track. His self imposed highly pressurized speech to the Arab world in Egypt today was unique comprehensive and impactful. Here's the question what kind of impact was he trying to make. Did he make the middle east a safe pace for Americans to go did he do more then increase his own popularity in that part of the world or did help answer questions about his country too. First off who are the big winners the Palistinains clearly he thinks Bush was not fair to them over the last 8 years. Who else gained? Hamas ! They were laced into the speech like a legit political party instead of a terrorist outfit who does not admit their is a legit Israeli state.

Who else gained? Iran they now know they can meet with us w/o preconditions and too the blame for bad relations with the 1950 something overthrow of a legit govt.

The low point of the speech to me had to be his pledge to rid the world of all Nuke weapons. How can you say you want the whoile worked without nukes and think they woyuld actually do it. The Russian, Chinese, Israeli's Pakistanis, North Korea are all going to turn in their missiles? Forget it!!!

My hope is Obama is just covering his bases making his offers and if these enemies dont take him up on his offers they loose our goodwill. I love what he inspired the Pakistanis to do in Swat Valley and I think it will help his bulked up forces in Afghanistan and ther hiring of the special forces General in that region. lets hope he gets as tough with Iran I for one am through talking and hoping with that nation.