Do you ever get that prickly feeling on the back of your neck? When you feel a series of events might be connected and that realization makes you uneasy?

Then you fear feeling it TOO much, lest you are labeled a fanatic or conspiracy chaser. So you back off...but you try to not back off  TOO much.

I spoke yesterday on my show about a Continental Express pilot who reported seeing a "missile or rocket" near his aircraft over Texas Friday night. Officials are trying to put all the clues together in that case.

Then Sunday, Air France Flight 447 disappeared on its flight from Rio to Paris and was found destroyed yesterday in the Atlantic Ocean.

We NOW are being told that Air France received a BOMB THREAT just DAYS before the tragedy.

One thing that seems bizarre is that the plane was inspected for the bomb with passengers STILL ON BOARD! A plane isn't evacuated IMMEDIATELY as a precaution?? How can you complete an honest and thorough search for a bomb with a plane full of people??

That inspected flight went on to reach Paris safely.

Flight 447 was clearly not so lucky, although investigators are working around the clock to determine the cause of the crash.

Was it a bomb? Is it not odd that the same airlines would have received a threat just days before? What was that thing roaring by that Continental Express pilot's plane Friday night? Is ANY of this related to chatter of terrorists acquiring shoulder-to-air missile launchers to shoot aircraft out of the sky?

I have no answers for you, unfortunately.

But hopefully much more knowledgeable people working hard on these cases will have them for us soon.

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