Many men have accused me of hating my own sex. I don't. I just don't trust men very much, that's all. I think it takes great courage for women to get involved with us at all.

If I were a woman--and contrary to popular belief I am not--I would certainly not trust men with being on the pill.

But science has been getting us ready for the day when that might be the norm. Talk of a male pill has been around for many years.

Now a trial is underway in which couples are being asked to replace their usual form of birth control with a new form of male contraceptive to test its effectiveness.  This method being tested actually involves injections routinely given to the men in the study.

Ladies, would you trust the man in your life to be on the pill, though? Do you think he would have the same sense of responsibility that YOU have regarding something that will ultimately happen to YOUR body?

Think about it. My theory has always been that the woman instinctively takes greater precautions (on average, obviously there will be exceptions) with birth control because SHE is the one who will ultimately carry a child for 9 months should the method fail.

Call me cynical. Call me a basher of my own sex. I just wouldn't take that chance and assume the guy is on the pill.

So it sounds good, ladies, on the face of it. But

See when you get to be old like me and already have your very own Brady Bunch, you get the old snip snip and none of this matters anyway.

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